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Meet your LMT


" Chell "


Western Career College

(Carrington College)

Pleasant Hill CA. 

Class of 2008.


 Mother of 2 , empath , food-lover , and I cuss if that isn't your flow, well I may not be good for you. I have worked at startups , pop up shops/events , sports massage gigs with(semi-pro) athletes , setting up at marathon races across the Bay Area , large corporations, churches , non-profits , clubs , beaches , hotels and worked on a few celebs.  Continuing my journey to want to work with UFC/MMA fighters.  



I'm an Empowerment Coach and Intuitive Healer ,passionate about helping woman and men transform their lives from Tight to Alright and passionate about thriving in my scope of practice. I feel more engaged , excited and energized everyday. I discovered the ease with which transformation can happen when you have the support and tools you need.

The thoughts we think can inspire us and lift our energy, or they can drain us and leave us depleted. Once identified, you start to manifest in the positivity. 

I started with Soft Healing Touch , but it didn't quite fit me, since I'm naturally heavy handed , I started You KNEAD This late 2016 and Lalaloved the name . I had different spaces in different locations when I first was a mobile massage therapist. Before Covid-19 , I was in the heart of Oakland Ca. , business was boomin . Then , everything I relocated  and finally opened private practice in Fairfield,Ca ... Oh , I'm from the Bay, and we vibe a lil different.  

My other passion is Photography 

I use my phone (mostly) , whether its landscape , portrait , abstract , family , moving , candid ,nature . I find it

to kindle the spirit and inspire the viewer.

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