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Rice Terraces Painting


Frequently Asked Questions

How's parking at
your location?

I'd like to talk with you before booking, how do I get in touch with you?

How long will it take to solve my problem?

1416 #6 Tennessee St. Vallejo 

Cross street : Carroll St.

Side by side : Next to Tacos Jalisco Restaurant

Parking : Closest to building

(avoid parking in busy street)

Location : Walk upstairs ramp, first door on the right

Call or simply knock is best.

Waiting room, you may be seated.

Beverage : water, wine, tea

Please fill out intake, use restroom prior to session. 

Typically, I'm either away from my phone or with a client at the moment.

I designed a website for a reason, so that my viewers can book the " First Appointment " which is also the first visit. 

The initial introduction of my methods and approach to pain solution management that I discovered in my years of experience of being in the industry.

Non-Refundable Deposit $60 to secure your appointment, it deducts from your initial service and remaining balance is due in person. 

It depends on a variety of factors, including the location of the problem, length of the problem has existed, and often your age. Although you might feel better quickly, it may take (at a minimum) 5-6 sessions AND corrective exercise for you to achieve your goals. Don’t expect this work to be a 1 & done! No chiropractor or physical therapist I know fixes every problem in one session, this is no different! I will assist you to achieve great results, but you need to be ready to invest in yourself. 

Rice Terraces Painting

This office is unique and different from most .

I offer safe, clean, high energy treatment center

to cater to your specific needs.

If you've never been seen with

Ms. Chell at You Knead This

please inquire for the *1st Appointment before proceeding with other services.

If you fail to follow, the amount for New Client will be due at the time of the treatment.

(excluding Corp. Chair )

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